We're in BETA

We're in BETA

Change is part of every business, and right now we are in BETA. We have spent a lot of time creating a fantastic platform, and now we want to show it to you. But we want to do it carefully, to ensure you get the best possible experience.


BETA means everything is new, and it is important you are aware of that. During the BETA period we offer a lot of extra service, to ensure you have a great time using our platform, even though it is still maturing. And in return, all we ask is that you tell us of the problems you encounter, and give us your valuable input. We can only improve through our customers.

When does BETA end?

It is hard to say. We will be in beta until we have the amazing product we aim at. But we know we will be in beta for at least the rest of 2021.

Should I wait?

Absolutely not. Our platform is ready for business, and we make sure our BETA customers get the best service possible. The BETA program is an opportunity to become an early adopter, and start out the journey soon rather than later.

BETA program

During the BETA period, we offer a lot of extra service, to ensure early adopters have a fantastic experience onboarding and using our platform.

  • Employee training
    Get all the on-premise training of employees you need. We show up at your location and make sure you and your employees get the right training before work starts.
  • Onboarding assistance
    We provide you with hands-on assistance during onboarding, to ensure migration goes smooth and the platform is configured to your practice.
  • Reduced price
    We are already inexpensive, but we still provide you with a further price reduction of 50%. And for our BETA customers the price reduction continues for a year after BETA ends.
  • Hypercare
    You have our full attention! Get speedy and direct support for any issues you meet.

How to sign-up for BETA

If you want to, then start out by contacting us at hello@pragmeo.net.  Let's make sure all you questions are answered.
Otherwise, create an account and let's get started!