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Get all the tools and processes you need to run your business efficiently. We make sure you execute fast and with success every time - and all in an easy-to-use web-based platform that takes the hazzle out of IT.

Pick up speed and increase customer satisfaction - the easy way.

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What is Pragmeo


Why use pragmeo?

  • Hit the ground running

    All your core processes available as templates, and existing data is easily imported. We have it all prepared for you.

  • Organize, plan and control

    Plan and schedule work, and watch as it executes perfect every time.
    Get the benefits of an online, self-organizing file system.

  • Manage Engagements with Ease

    Have the complete overview of engagements at all times and quickly address problems.

  • Web based

    Ready to do business - any time - on any device - wherever you are



Introducing the

GDPR Monitor

Know your compliance status at all times

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Strong Practice Management

Do the right work - do the work right!

Organize and control

Set up your processes and ensure they run perfect every time. We have templates ready for all your core processes.

Plan and automate

Schedule, automate and remove repetitive work. Make sure accountants can focus on accounting.

Manage and govern

Easily manage clients and contacts. Communicate and securely execute services.

Happy clients

Raise the client service bar and exceed expectations

Great experience

Clients are free to log-in and access information or participate in work flows. We have a great UI that makes it easy for everyone.

Perfect every time

By organizing and automating processes,
clients experience a precise service,
year after year.

Process transparency

We keep clients informed on tasks
awaiting their input, progress
and much more.

Get Started

It only takes a few easy steps

  • Define your practice

    Select from a catalog of services or define your own

  • Add Clients

    Import or create clients and connect them with services

  • Schedule and Run

    We sweat the hard work, so you can focus on accounting

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 A key element to success is organizing your processes and optimizing them. Without that, they cannot be communicated to customers or executed with success.

Jesper Præst, Founder