When clients come first, success follows

Raise the client service bar and exceed expectations

Grow your relationship with your clients by
engaging them and giving them
a great experience

Great Experience

Clients are free to log-in and access information or participate in work flows. We have a great UI that makes it easy for everyone.

  • Self-service

    Clients today expect self-service, and it's an easy way to get happier clients with no time spent. Create self-service logins for your clients and set them free.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with clients on processing cases and pick up speed. It's easy.

  • Secure Exchange

    Exchange files in a secure and organized way. Don't use untrusty and chaotic e-mails.


Collaboration room for every case


Online and secure file system


Keep clients informed on tasks awaiting their input, progress and much more

  • Transparency

    Clients can log-in and monitor progress, participate in cases or access old information. It's all there.

  • Notifications

    Everyone receive notification when something needs to be done. We will notify you and your clients when activites are started or deadlines approach.

  • Communicate with Ease

    Easily communicate with clients and keep the discussions organized. Each case comes with it's own messaging system.

  • The full Picture

    Have the complete overview of ongoing engagements, and easily spot engagements that are moving behind


The full picture of cases