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GDPR Monitor

Become GDPR compliant - and stay compliant - by knowing your status at all times.

Working with GDPR compliance is an ongoing effort, that can be very time consuming and costly. Without the ability to easily monitor and find GDPR related issues, compliance is a moving target, and any compliance achieved, quickly decays and becomes outdated.

The GDPR Monitor provides a real time view of any GDPR related issues in the organization. Easily track issues like

  • Missing classification of data
  • Missing discartion of old data
  • GDPR training that has not been completed
  • GDPR related contracts with clients that has not been signed or renewed in time
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The GDPR monitor at work

The GDPR monitor at work


Create interactive boards that show progress across clients and tasks, and make sure you never miss a deadline.

Tracking many small tasks across a large number og clients is a stable part of every accountant or book keepers daily routine. And each one of those tasks is of high priority, with deadlines that cannot be missed. This calls for the right kind of overview, where progress is monitored and approaching deadlines is easily detected.

Configure as many boards as you need, and track services, tasks and ToDo's. Boards update automatically as work progresses, and ensure you always have a current and complete overview of work.


An overview of book close activities


Configuring a board

Book keeping

Fast-track you book keeping. All the tools and automations you need to ensure book keeping is done fast and reliable, with only the minimal amount of manual work needed.

  • Pull data and files from ERP systems automatically. We have the integrations you need to prepare all the data.
  • Do controlling with ease. Once data is retrieved, do checks and balances easily. We make sure you have what you need to zoom in on any issues there may be.
  • Create reclassifications and reposts with ease.
  • Use lead-sheets and other data in subsequent processes. Data is easily pulled into cases, and used in subsequent tasks and reports.
The GDPR monitor at work

Going through appendices


Checking up on entries


Handle employee training with ease. Ensure employees follow training programs with an integrated training platform.

Easily create training programs and assign them to employees based on their roles in the organization. Create schedules, to ensure training is maintained, by being completed regularly. 

The GDPR monitor at work

Doing training


Overview of training taken

Time registration

Easy time tracking and invoicing of clients. Avoid having to maintain a separate system for time registration, and build on top of your already existing client and case list.

  • Register time directly on clients, cases, tasks and ToDo's
  • Easily do review and approval of time registrations
  • Transfer time registrations to your favorite ERP system as invoices
  • Get productivity insights on clients and team members based on time registrations and invoiced amounts
The GDPR monitor at work

Using the tracker


Invoicing a client