Practice Management

Do the right work - do the work right!

Good practice management gives you the benefit of consistent, high quality of service and ressource optimization

Organize and Control

The heart and soul of good practice management is well defined processes and good organization of work. Processes rule your practice, and without the ability to define and control work, client engagements will suffer.

We provide a powerful yet simple approach to handling processes, with a centralized way of defining them, combined with high flexibility and tailoring at many levels.

  • Library of processes

    Initially, create a central library of the services your practice provide. This is done once for your practice.

  • Tailor to clients

    Connect your services with clients, and tailor them to fit the individual client if needed.

  • Tailor to engagements

    If needed, further tailor to fit a single engagement, without affecting other engagements


Setting up a process


Working with forms

Schedule and Automate

With processes clearly defined and ready to execute, it is time to schedule, automate and remove repetitive work. Make sure accountants can focus on accounting.

  • Yearly Cycle

    Set up a yearly cycle of tasks, that are executed at specific times during the year.

  • Notifications

    Receive notification when something needs to be done. We will notify you when activites are started and when deadlines approach.

  • Automate

    Automate repetitive work and save time

  • Monitoring

    Have the complete overview of ongoing engagements, and easily spot engagements that are moving behind


Scheduling a service


Cases created from a schedule

Document Management

Get a cool file system that is online and secure, high performing and scalable.

  • Secure document exchange

    Don't use risky e-mails to exchange files with clients. Use pragmeo instead, and avoid compliance and security risk.

  • Unlimited storage space

    With every paid subscription comes an unlimited storage space

  • File Sync

    Synchronize files with your PC and work with them locally

  • Access from anywhere

    With an online file system, you always have everything you need, right with you


Online and secure file system


Online preview

Quality Assurance

The only form builder you will ever need. It combines the strength of online forms with an advanced Excel engine in one single product.

  • Built for accounting

    Everything you need to handle quality assurance within accounting

  • The power of Excel

    Everyone knows Excel, so we added an excel calculation engine to our forms. Write calculations in the well known Excel syntax or add spread sheets to forms

  • Flow data between forms

    Link forms and flow data between them to create workflows.

  • Business logic

    Control the flow of tasks or change forms, based on conditions


Working with forms


Excel formula in a calculated field