The tools you need to achieve and monitor GDPR compliance

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into force.
With penalties of up to the higher of 20 million euro and 4% of global turnover.

GDPR Monitor

A better way to work with GDPR compliance

Become GDPR compliant - and stay compliant - by knowing your status at all times!

Working with GDPR compliance is an ongoing effort, that can be very time consuming and costly. Without the ability to easily monitor and find GDPR related issues, compliance is a moving target, and any compliance achieved, quickly decays and becomes outdated.

The GDPR Monitor provides a real time view of any GDPR related issues in the organization. Easily track issues like

  • Missing classification of data
  • Missing discartion of old data
  • GDPR training that has not been completed
  • GDPR related contracts with clients that has not been signed or renewed in time 

Get Started with a Few Easy Steps

Start your journey towards GDPR compliance today

  • Get started by picking a GDPR responsible

    One – and only one – person in the organisation can have this role. The GDPR responsible will be leading the effort to become and stay GDPR compliant.

  • Choose which areas to include

    Choose to include retention policies, employee training and/or contract management. If one or more areas are handled outside pragmeo they can easily be deselected. Areas not selected, must be handled outside the platform, for your organisation to become GDPR compliant.

  • Classify your data

    Go through the types of information you exchange with your clients and classify them. Classifications will apply across clients and cases so you only do this once.

  • Check the Monitor

    Now open the GDPR Monitor and go through the list. That’s it!

GDPR Modules Included

Once the GDPR Monitor is activated, our GDPR modules become available to you.

  • Employee Training

    Easily manage GDPR training for employees. We have the training modules ready and track their training for you.

  • Contract Management

    Handle GDPR related contracts within the platform, and automatically track Data Processor Agreements and Letter of Engagements signed with clients. We give you the complete picture of your compliance status across clients.

  • Discartion Assistant

    An important part of GDPR is making sure information is discarted when it is no longer needed. Monitor previous engagements and receive notification when it is time to discard something.