Increase client satisfaction. Save time.

With pragmeo you have the power to do both

When clients come first,
success follows

We deliver a simple yet effective way to do more for your clients and be efficient at the same time.

The core of your business is accounting, but there is more to it than that. A lot of repetitive tasks has to be done - such as e-mailing clients, archiving documents, answering requests and controlling processes. We are dedicated to solving all those tasks for you. We want to make sure you can focus on your clients, and provide the best service possible.

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Workflows and Tasks

Automation of processes takes repetitive work away from employees and increases quality. The workflow engine keeps track of client work, and automates trivial tasks such as notifying and alerting individuals, organizing information, executing retention policies and much more.
It ensures a constant monitoring of deadlines for each individual task, ensuring you are in control at all times.

A proactive monitoring of work is key to planning ahead. When deadlines move closer, flexibility is lost - and the day before a submission, the evening often plans itself. By automating processes you have a constant overview across tasks - and we do all of the notifying, follow-up and alerting of clients and staff.

Scheduling a service

Cases created from a schedule

Practice Management

Good practice management gives you the benefit of consistent, high quality of service and ressource optimization. At the core is defining your processes and connecting them with your clients. Once done, the automation engine has all it needs to ensure processes run smoothly every time. Choose from a catalog of predefined processes and tailor them to your needs - or set up your own processes from scratch.


Setting up a service


Editing a form

Document Management

Handle documents with ease, and collaborate securely with clients. Keep client data protected with our secure document portal, and work efficiently at the same time.

E-mailing documents is a non-secure and fragmented way of exchanging data - and it creates a GDPR compliance challenge that is impossible to meet. We provide secure document exchange and unlimited storage space.


Cloud based file system


Preview files anywhere

GDPR and Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a part of life for accountants and book keepers. Recently GDPR has entered the scene, with a whole new set of regulatory requirements.
We make sure you have all the right tools to stay compliant, in an easy and assisted way. Data is kept secure and protected at all times, and can be controlled through a policy based approach. And all the mandatory GDPR processes are ready for you when you need them.

How to Get Started

It only takes a few easy steps

  • Define your practice

    Select from a catalog of services or define your own

  • Add Clients

    Import or create clients and connect them with services

  • Schedule and Run

    We sweat the hard work, so you can focus on accounting

How to ...
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